Instrumental Music I 


  1. FALL BAND CONCERT: Wednesday, November 16, 7PM
  2. SPRING BAND & CHOIR CONCERT: Wednesday, May 3, 7PM

If you are just joining this class, please download and read the Beginning Band Instrument Selection Guide and the Blue Devil Bands Musician Handbook for more information.

Course Description: Instrumental Music I is a two-semester course designed to teach students music fundamentals and instrumental techniques pertaining to brass, woodwind, electric bass and/or percussion instruments. Instrumental Music I students are expected to develop beginning performance techniques in solo, small group, and large group settings, with emphasis on reading and performing using appropriate articulation, dynamics, and interpretive skills. Students will perform instrumental music in a variety of settings including, but not limited to, concerts, solo and ensemble performances. Students will critique and reflect on their own performances and the performances of others. Students will make connections between music traditions and other arts, disciplines, and cultures. Students will receive instruction on tone production, music reading skills, basic music theory, and instrument care. The student is expected to provide his/her own instrument, book and supplies.

Prerequisite: No prior music experience is required.    

Method Book


The same comprehensive band method that integrates history, theory, creativity, and listening skills from the very first page! With familiar songs and engaging music carefully paced for young players, this method features specially-designed exercises for the classroom as well as exercises specific to each instrument. Also included: a start-up segment to help beginners assemble and take care of their instruments; 12 arrangements for full band; a planned first concert; Rubank scale and arpeggio studies and workouts for establishing daily practice habits.  Now with the addition of Essential Elements Interactive, an innovative online resource, fully-secured website where students can play and record with multiple background tracks with additional video, audio, and .pdf resources available to both teachers and students.  Students can instantly stream or download play-along recordings and videos with solo parts played by professional musicians and accompaniment-only tracks are available for titles in many popular styles. Also available are recordings of all the exercises, additional duets and trios, and a music listening library of great band pieces. If internet access is not available, each book includes instructions for ordering a free CD-Rom.



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