Instrumental Music II 


  1. FALL BAND CONCERT: Wednesday, November 16, 7PM
  2. SPRING BAND & CHOIR CONCERT: Wednesday, May 3, 7PM

Course Description: Instrumental Music II is a two-semester course designed for students who have successfully completed Instrumental Music I. Instrumental Music II students shall further expand their knowledge of music fundamentals and instrumental techniques pertaining to brass, woodwind, electric bass and/or percussion instruments. Students are expected to develop advanced performance techniques in solo, small group, and large group settings, with greater emphasis on reading and performing using appropriate articulation, dynamics, and interpretative skills. Instrumental Music II students will critique instrumental music performances and reflect upon the impact of instrumental music upon society as well as societal influences on instrumental music. Students will regularly perform instrumental music in a variety of settings including, but not limited to, concerts, solo and ensemble performances, and festivals. The student is expected to provide his/her own instrument, book and supplies.

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