Stage Band

2016-17 Blue Devil Band Handbook

2016-2017 Stage Band Performance Calendar

Fall Semester - 2016

  1. Sunday, September 18, 1-6PM: Homecoming Tech/Full Band Rehearsal, HS/MS Commons & Theatre
  2. Friday, September 23, 5-8PM: Homecoming Performance, HS/MS Commons
  3. Sunday, November 13, 1-6PM: Fall Concert Tech/Dress Rehearsal, Theatre
  4. Wednesday, November 16, 5:30-9:30PM: Fall Band Concert, Theatre
  5. Sunday, December 11, 1-6PM: Band Fundraising Concert Tech/Dress Rehearsal, Theatre - TENTATIVE
  6. Thursday, December 15, 3:30-6:30PM: Band Fundraising Concert Tech/Dress Rehearsal, Theatre - TENTATIVE
  7. Friday, December 16, 7-9PM: Band Fundraising Concert, Theatre  - TENTATIVE

Spring Semester - 2017

  1. Sunday, February 12, 1-5PM: Snowflake Ball Tech/Dress Rehearsal, Band Room
  2. Friday, February 17, 5-9PM: Snowflake Ball, ECC Gymnasium
  3. Wednesday, February 22, 5-8PM: Soul Food Supper, HS Cafeteria
  4. Sunday, March 5, 1-6PM: HS Awards Tech/Dress Rehearsal, Theatre  
  5. Friday, March 10, 8AM-11:30AM: HS Awards Celebration, Theatre
  6. Sunday, April 30, 1-6PM: Spring Band/Choir Concert Tech/Dress Rehearsal, Theatre
  7. Wednesday, May 3, 5:30-9:30PM: Spring Band & Choir Concert, Theatre
  8. Saturday, May 13, 9AM-12:30PM: Taste of Maplewood Tech/Dress Rehearsal, Band Room
  9. Wednesday, May 17, 5:30-7:30PM: 8th Grade Promotion, Theatre
  10. Friday, May 19, 6:30-8:30PM, High School Graduation, Athletic Field
  11. Saturday, May 20, 9:30AM-3:30PM, Taste of Maplewood, Sutton Blvd

***Class attendance is mandatory during all performance weeks.  Check this calendar prior to signing up for field trips.***

Stage Band (1 year course / 1 credit)

Course Description: Rhythm and blues, folk, rock, jazz, gospel, soul and other pop music styles will be performed by this ensemble with emphasis placed on developing ensemble playing, as opposed to developing individual improvisational skills.  This ensemble may be composed of the traditional “big band” instrumentation – saxophones, trumpets, trombones, rhythm section, and augmented with non-traditional instruments.  This music performance class features the Rhythm & Blues Band, the school rock band that involves some of the school’s finest instrumentalists and vocalists.  The main focus of the band is to provide engaging and inspiring music at school and community events.  In addition, over the past several years, the group has been able to expand its musical repertoire and perform at a variety of other venues, such as: Maplewood’s Concert for a Cause, Taste of Maplewood, and the National School Boards Association Conference in New Orleans, LA.  Students must supply their own instruments except for drums and keyboards; amplifiers are provided at school.   All students will be expected to memorize all of their music and choreography.

The instrumentation of the ensemble is composed of the rhythm section (drum set, bass, guitar, keyboards), horns from Jazz Ensemble II (trumpet, alto, tenor, trombone), vocalists, and dancers. 

Please check out our music videos and audio samples.  (coming soon!)

All performances are posted on the calendar page of this website. 

Prerequisite: Audition required.  Open to vocalists & rhythm section musicians with prior experience.  All student auditions will take place when the class meets during the first week of school.  Students without prior experience are encouraged to enroll in Music Theory I for one semester while taking weekly private music lessons on their chosen instrument outside of school.  These students may audition for Stage Band at the start of the next semester.  If outside music lessons are not possible, students should take Music Studio with Mr. Urvan while simultaneously taking Music Theory I with Mr. Harris so they are properly prepared for the Stage Band Auditions the following semester.

Method Books


Rhythm Section Workshop: The energy core of any ensemble or combo is the rhythm section! It radiates the groove, time and essence of the music. This outstanding and comprehensive series includes introductions, explanations and instructions on the essential elements of performance, such as style, performance tips, and genres required for the solid understanding of what is required of a successful member of this vital part of the jazz/rock                group. There is also a play-along piece at the end of each chapter for reinforcement and further development of appropriate skills. The seven genres covered in this excellent method for your rhythm section are: swing, bossa nova, rock, shuffle, samba, funk, and ballad. Additional topics include: volume -- or knowing when not to play; how to keep time as a rhythm section; and effective comping. Each student book includes reproducible pages and a compact disc. The CD offers examples of jazz grooves, complex rhythms, and accompaniment tracks for the play-along pieces. Demonstrations of the examples are effectively presented by a driving rhythm section on the DVD.  Each book is authored by a professional musician and teacher in the respective performance area. The entire ensemble will reap huge rewards when the rhythm section plays as a cohesive unit and comprehends the elements of the chart being performed!  

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Berkley Practice Method: This is the first-ever method that teaches you how to play in a rock band. Learn what all the great musicians seem to know intuitively, how to listen, interact and respond, improvise, and become part of the groove. Developed by the faculty of Berklee College of Music, the book and play-along CD will help improve your timing, technique, and reading ability. Become the great drummer that everyone wants to have in their band.

Lessons throughout this book guide you through basic rhythms, beats, and subdivisions. Daily practice routines are designed for practicing by yourself or with other musicians. The accompanying CD features outstanding Berklee players and covers a variety of styles including rock, funk, jazz, blues, swing, and bossa nova.  This series coordinates methods for many different instruments, and all are based on the same tunes, in the same keys.


Rock Band Camp: These books are designed for the first time performer who's learning how to play in a band. They include parts and playing tips for the entire band: two guitars, bass, drums, and singer! Each book comes with two CDs that contain full band tracks for each song as well as "minus-one" tracks for each instrument for each song so players can practice on their own between band rehearsals. Five songs, including: Bang a Gong (Get It On) (T. Rex)  The Boys Are Back in Town (Thin Lizzy)  China Grove (Doobie Brothers)  Free Fallin' (Tom Petty)  Jet Airliner (Steve Miller Band).

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