Voice cures uk the journey of getting my voice back. Monday, may 9, 2011 spasmodic dysphonia voice therapy with connie pike as mentioned in my earlier posts, i have contacted connie pike regarding her free to speak voice therapy. She’s a florida-based speech pathologist, who had spasmodic dysphonia adductor type herself. But she was able to overcome it. And now when i heard her speak, it was very clear, no tremors at all, no effort in speaking. It’s as if she never had a voice problem! generic viagra canada She has been an inspiration. The mere fact that someone got through sd successfully is already an inspiration in itself. Connie pike, ex-sd sufferer she conducts a 5-day voice rehab in the us. I’ve seen some very good testimonials of patients who attended. buy viagra Since i’m from the philippines and couldn’t fly to the us for the clinic, i asked connie if we can do a skype consultation. cheapest place to buy viagra   she agreed – even though she doesn’t have a skype account yet that time and she didn’t even know how to use it! I appreciate her being open to a different kind of set-up. I was quite impressed as well because it showed her openness and flexibility. I knew then that she’s not the usual rigid doctor/therapist. viagra prescriptions online Her hourly price is 6 times more expensive than my voice therapy here. But i needed to talk to someone whose expertise is sd. I figured after my 7th session of regular voice therapy that conventional treatment wouldn’t be of much help for sd. Connie asked me to fill-up a diagnostic voice assessment sheet prior to our skype meeting. She listened to my voice and told me it wasn’t that bad. viagra prescriptions online Actually, it wasn’t that bad yet when i first spoke with her. But i was already feeling the pressure, the unusual effort i needed to do to force my voice out. She taught me how to speak properly. She said that breathing and voice/humming exercises are key. Her recommendations included mike white’s breathing exercises and roger love’s voice cd. I got both kits. Both were very helpful. These were my notes from our skype consultation, dated january 09, 2010: 1. Say err... buy viagra online Going up and down: not try harder but let go of the effort 2. Hmm... (no air in nose) 3. viagra samples Ing.. (no air in nose) 4. Lip drills, say brrmm, relax the face 5. viagra pills Tongue drills, say trrrll 6. viagra for sale tesco 2x a month – have massage, neck muscles 7. viagra without prescription Sing a phrase, then speak the phrase 8. We dont speak from the diaphragm 9.   put hands above my head, hold elbows, do side to side bend while counting she also gav e me a list of r words to pr.

                              Jason Harris, Music Director                        Kat Norton, Choreographer

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