Skip to main content earth space tech and gadgets animals history adventure human brain games video rss feeds discovery. Com   discovery news > human news > computer chemicals linked to pancreatic cancer computer chemicals linked to pancreatic cancer analysis by jennifer viegas fri oct 7, 2011 09:01 am et ( ) comments | leave a comment print email friend's name: email: your name: email: message:    submit reset close tweet photo: pancreatic tumor cells (light brown); credit: kenneth p. viagra safe 20 year olds Olive chemicals associated with the production of computers and other electronic equipment can be present in high levels in patients suffering from pancreatic cancer, the disease that steve jobs was diagnosed with in 2004. 36 hour viagra reviews Analysis: steve jobs: dents in the universe over the past decade, awareness and concern about computer chemicals and other related components, such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, benzene and hydrochloric acid, have increased. viagra online without prescription The european union, for example, now restricts hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. where to buy genuine viagra online Apple, as for pc manufacturers, admits to receiving criticism from environmental organizations, and now calls itselfâ  "a greener apple. real viagra without prescription " despite such efforts, computers are still full of toxins, and many older electronic devices remain inâ  homes and businesses. jimmy kimmel viagra women One pervasive and potentially dangerous component is cadmium, which should be carefully recycled. This soft, silver-white metal is in paints, alloys, cathode ray tubes, and more. overnight generic viagra It's perhaps best known for use in nickel-cadmium batteries, which deliver a lot of power for the money and are rechargeable. Cadmium also appears to be directly tied to pancreatic cancer. The northeast nile delta region of egypt exhibits a high incidence of early-onset pancreatic cancer. This region is one of the most polluted areas of egypt, with the pollutants often winding up in soil and affecting farm workers. viagra pills Researchers conducted a study to explore the possible connection between cadmium and the often deadly cancer. News: apple announces death of steve jobs alison kriegel of tulane university health sciences. positive and negative effects of viagra cheap generic viagra

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